Festival of Lebanese Art Books 2010
The second edition of the Festival of Lebanese Art Books in 2010 presented a larger number of participants and a bigger collection of books. The Festival gave a special focus on photography. Books by Lebanese photographers and photography books on Lebanon were exhibited. Twenty five artists, ten publishers, five galleries, four institutions and five universities partook in this distinguished event. Three books were launched in the Art Café which witnessed also two talks, one of them was interactive in the internet. Listing more than 750 titles on Lebanese visual arts and artists, the festival booklet became a major reference in the field.

Participants 2010

Abou Zaki, Nadine
Achkar, Aad
Adaimi, Lotti
Backo, Ginane Mekki
Dib, Elias
Farroukh, Mustapha
Ghammachi, Christian
Hawa, Kameel
Junblat, Samia Osseiran
Melkan, Bassil
Mezher, Ezzat
Molaeb, Jamil
Mufarrij, Khalil
Rahme, Rudy
Rayyes, Aref
Richa, Boulos
Saudi, Mona
Sarue, Kathi & Petras, Ernst
Seifeddine, Mohammad
Shammas, Rasha
Shayya, Fadi
Tarazi, Gebran
Wakim, Paul
98 weeks - Research Project
Association of Lebanese Painters
Umam - Documentation & Research
Zakira - The Image FEstival Assoc.

American University of Beirut
Lebanese American University
University of Balamand - ALBA
University St. Esprit de Kaslik
University Saint Joseph
Al Furat
Amer Edition
Dar An Nahar
Fine Arts Publishing
Mind the Gap
Time Out Beirut
Turning Point

Gallery Agial,
Gallery Maqam
Gallery Epreuve d'Artistes
Gallery Janine Rubeiz
Gallery Richard Chahine
Gallery Surface Libre