Festival of Lebanese Art Books  2009
Beirut Art Book Fair was launched in 2009 under the name of the Festival of Lebanese Art Books as a distinguished feature of the Ministry of Culture’s program following UNESCO’s nomination of Beirut as World Book Capital. The Festival at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut presented a showcase of Lebanese art, its history, its dynamism and its diversity through an array of books and artwork. More than thirty artists partook in the event, along with five publishers, four galleries, three universities and two museums.

2009 Participants 

Abou Zaki, Nadine
Adaimi, Lotti
Arawi, Mimosa
Basbous, Alfred
Dabaji, Mona Trad
Dib, Elias
Doumit, Naim
Farroukh, Mustapha
Hawa, Kameel
Helou, Nabil & Zeina
Jamal, Ghada
Junblat, Samia Osseiran
Kelekian, Lena & Hilda
Khouka, Adnan
Letayf, Nabil
Mattar, George
Matthews, Henry
Mezher, Ezzat
Molaeb, Jamil
Rahme, Rudy
Rayyes, Aref
Rifai, Sami
Terzian, Missak
Toutikian, Anita
Wakim, Paul
Museum Ibrahim Sursock
Museum Robert Mouawad

University of Balamand - ALBA
American University of Beirut
Lebanese American University
Agenda Culturel
Amers Edition
Dar An Nahar
Dar Al Saqi
Fine Arts Publishing
Roof 11

Lebanese Association of Painters & Sculptors

Art Lounge
Gallery Agial / Gallery Maqam
Gallery Epreuve d'Artistes
Gallery Janine Rubeiz
Gallery Surface Libre